Growing reach and impact: our transformational programme

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Allchurches Trust’s transformational grants programme provides funding for Christian organisations to make a step change in their capacity, reach, impact and spiritual growth, enabling them to forge connections with many more people and communities who will benefit from their work.

Transformational grants are usually for major, multi-year projects and, only a limited number are awarded each year to the projects that trustees consider best fit the aims and criteria for the programme. In addition to meeting the Trust’s core criteria for the award of a grant, applicants must demonstrate how their project will achieve as many as possible, and ideally all, of the following criteria: 

i. Significantly extend the organisation’s reach to a greater number of people and/or over a wider geographical area, and increase the scope of its work
ii. Make a vital difference in enabling the organisation to realise its overall vision and strategic aims
iii. Lead to a significant step-change or  growth for the organisation – numerically and spiritually
iv. Benefit not only the immediate organisation but other similar organisations and/or the wider community as well
Churches, cathedrals and Christian denominational bodies, and Christian charities in the UK and the Republic of Ireland are eligible to apply for Transformational Grants. Please note, however, that as grants awarded are usually for major projects with wide impact, fulfilling as many as possible of the funding criteria above, it would be unusual for an application from a local church, or a charity working solely in a local area, to be awarded a grant. If you are local church or charity working in a local area considering applying for a Transformational Grant, we strongly suggest that you contact us to discuss your project before applying, to check that the work for which you are seeking funding is likely to be eligible, or whether one of our other grants programmes might be more suitable. Other applicants with queries with regard to eligibility should also contact us so that we can provide guidance.
While the majority of Allchurches’ grants are for capital projects and equipment, this programme will also fund salaries, recognising that innovative projects seeking to achieve a step-change will require resource for pump-priming and capacity-building in order to maximise potential impact and reach.
The programme aims to fund the most innovative and impactful projects that will make a change in the world and inspire and give confidence to other churches and Christian organisations to do the same. Applicants should, therefore, be committed to exploring partnerships and sharing learnings that will benefit the wider Christian sector. 
The following are examples of grants that have been awarded under the programme:

The Transformational Grants application form can be accessed here. Please do read the FAQs for the programme before applying. The application process has three stages:
• An eligibility check which ensures that the project sufficiently meets the programme criteria
• Stage 1: overview information about the project for which you are seeking funding
• Stage 2: detailed information about the project for which you are seeking funding
The application form link above will enable you to initially complete the eligibility check and – if this is passed - Stage 1 of the application process. Once you have submitted your Stage 1 application information, this will be reviewed and you will be informed as soon as possible whether we would like you to progress to Stage 2. 
If you experience any difficulties with the application process or have any queries about the programme, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help. Applications under the programme are considered on a rolling basis. There is no fixed deadline for submissions.
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