What we fund

“We welcome inspiring applications from a wide range of organisations promoting Christian principles, our Christian heritage and the good of society. We support churches, charities and communities with projects that help individuals to achieve their full potential and to flourish in community with one another."
Sir Philip Mawer  
Chairman of Allchurches Trust

We particularly like to fund organisations addressing real social need with clear vision, strong local support and a sustainable future.

We don’t like saying no to real need. So our practice is to give a large number of small grants and fewer large grants.

We only fund projects in the UK and Ireland.

Churches seeking funding should belong to denominations which are members of Churches Together in England (CTE), Action of Churches Together in Scotland (ACTS), Churches Together in Wales (Cytun) or the Irish Council of Churches

Charities and educational establishments seeking funding will need to be UK registered or have “exempt” status. You’ll also need to have a Christian foundation or links.


We like to fund

Churches and cathedrals of all denominations:

  • Mission and ministry
  • Church halls
  • Community and outreach
  • Repairs
  • Conservation
  • Reordering and new works
  • Bells, organs and music
  • Heating, lighting, amenities and building security
  • Churchyards and cemeteries

Charities with Christian links:

  • Counselling and trauma recovery
  • Homelessness and social exclusion
  • Community healthcare
  • Refugee and asylum-seeker support
  • Women’s projects
  • Youth work
  • Ex-offender support

Schools, colleges, hostels, care homes and other communities:

  • Apprenticeships and bursary schemes
  • Leadership development
  • Quiet rooms, prayer rooms, sibling support rooms
  • Chapels and chaplaincy projects

We don't normally fund

  • Overseas charities
  • Charities with a political association
  • Individuals or causes that will benefit only one person such as student grants
  • Running costs
  • Healthcare projects, although hospices can apply for funding towards the provision of chapel and chaplaincy space
  • Work that is primarily the responsibility of statutory authorities including residential, respite, day care and housing provision
  • Animal welfare or rescue
  • Retrospective grants although we may be prepared to consider applications for work already done which was urgent (such as essential emergency roof repairs) or for major capital projects (where work has started before all funding has been raised)
  • More than one application from the same organisation within a 24 month period
  • One-off events that benefit only a few people – we prefer to support projects that have a long-term benefit for more people
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