Supporting women and girls on International Women’s Day

08 MAR 2019
On International Women’s Day, Allchurches Trust is highlighting the work of two of its recent beneficiaries who are equipping young women to build a brighter future - the Young Women’s Trust and the Baytree Centre in Brixton.
The Young Women’s Trust in London recently received a grant towards the purchase of laptops which will help it to ‘go mobile’. The laptops will enable the Trust to deliver training workshops nationwide and reach women who may not have access to local services. The laptops will facilitate young women to blog, vlog and join in on social media, giving them useful IT skills in the process.
The Trust aims to eliminate all forms of disadvantage experienced by young women, to encourage their social, physical, emotional and personal development and to promote leadership and participation in society.
An Allchurches Trust grant is also helping The Baytree Centre in Brixton with its ambition to create a youth leadership and social action project run by, and for, young girls from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds.
The project will see 25 young girls gain valuable, practical learning opportunities through the schemes and workshops the centre will deliver. Examples include; an inspirational conference held by young professional women, a mission to view Brixton from the eyes of homeless people, and a project to help Brixton businesses become more reactive to social needs.
The centre hopes that through delivering these initiatives, the girls will learn key skills in leadership as well as finance and project management. Many girls will also improve their literary and numeracy skills, their self-confidence and relationship-building skills through the project.
International women's day
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