Tackling loneliness with love and boosting wellbeing through welcome

05 FEB 2020
More churches will be able to access resources and support to tackle loneliness and mental health in their communities thanks to a major expansion of Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Groups. 
A grant of £83,514 from Allchurches Trust will enable Kintsugi Hope to grow its Wellbeing Groups project over the next three years, working in partnership with churches of all denominations. 
Feedback from the 10 pilot groups across England, including one in a hostel for people experiencing homelessness, has been extremely positive, with the majority of participant evaluations showing a step improvement in mental, emotional and social wellbeing. The groups are not counselling or therapy, but facilitated peer-mentoring using materials developed in partnership with CWR.
The flexible sessions are offered in seven different learning styles and cover areas such as honesty, anxiety, anger, self-acceptance, forgiveness, healthy relationships and resilience.
Grants and Relationships Manager at Allchurches Trust, Jeremy Noles, said: “Since Kintsugi Hope’s launch, it has already seen remarkably quick growth, and our grant will ensure that it can continue to grow, building more partnerships and enabling more churches to bring community and connection to their neighbours who may be feeling lonely or isolated.”
The project will see 10 Volunteer Ambassadors already known in their communities, who will be trained to support Group Leaders and meet churches and other organisations who may be interested in knowing more about the project. The grant will also fund the development of an interactive website for Group Leaders to access material, manage groups and network. In the longer term, it is planned to research and pilot new material aimed at young people.
The Allchurches Trust grant has already enabled Kintsugi Hope to appoint Ludivine Kadimba as the new National Wellbeing Group Coordinator. 
CEO of Kintsugi Hope, Patrick Regan OBE, said: “Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Groups work in communities through the local church with an attitude of humility; not to judge, fix or rescue, but to come alongside and love one another. Allchurches’ funding will enable thousands more people to access this support and feel part of a community well beyond the 12 weeks of the programme, nurtured through the church, their Wellbeing Group peers and the website. We’re all excited about the challenges and possibilities ahead.”
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