Funding brighter futures

16 SEP 2021

Allchurches Trust is supporting more than 50 churches and charities with grants totalling £128,450 in the latest round of funding.

From helping children in Africa to learn skills for later life, to supporting a hostel for vulnerable women and children in the UK; our grants are benefitting a wide range of causes.

See some of the latest examples…

Tools with a Mission, Ipswich, Suffolk
Tools with a Mission currently sends 18 containers of refurbished tool kits and machines to Zambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Democratic Republic of the Congo each year. These tools go to churches and Christian groups to start ‘livelihood creating’ projects in their own communities. This could be helping vulnerable women to sew, helping young people to learn computer skills, and teaching skills such as carpentry and mechanics.
An Allchurches Trust grant of £3,600 will help the organisation to meet the increasing demand for support in Africa, supporting the establishment of a second, large refurbishment centre in the Midlands.
St Peter’s Church, Brighton, East Sussex
Located in the heart of Brighton, St Peter’s Church focuses on outreach to the homeless and vulnerable, supporting those experiencing challenges around debt, mental health, and addiction. In 2010, Safehaven Women was launched as a women-only space for female guests experiencing homelessness. 
Around 100 vulnerable women from a range of backgrounds engage with Safehaven’s weekly drop-in meal, the mother and baby befrienders, and the daily wellness workshops. While this support is really well received, housing support is becoming more vital.
A £1,500 grant from Allchurches will help St Peter’s to set up a church-run hostel for vulnerable women and children to address the growing need.
Safehaven Christmas Dinner
Billesdon Baptist Chapel, Billesdon, Leistershire
A £3,750 grant from Allchurches Trust will support the re-order and refurbishment of this Victorian chapel, helping to construct a new entrance, remove the pews and pulpit, and create better disabled access.
The works will create more flexible space, helping the church to engage more effectively with the community.
St Peter’s Church, Great Walsingham, Norfolk
St Peter’s Church is a 14th Century church renowned for its amazing collection of medieval stained glass. The five windows in the north aisle of the church have been in need of conservation and restoration for over 20 years to ensure the windows remain intact and available to admire for years to come. Walsingham is a place of significant historical and religious interest, welcoming thousands of visitors and pilgrims every year.
A £3,500 grant from Allchurches will help to restore the windows and secure the future of the church and its rich heritage.
Inside St Peter's Church
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