The Sheldon Hub


Sheldon is a welcoming retreat house in Devon where those in Christian ministry suffering stress, crisis, burnout or breakdown find peace and renewal.

The Sheldon Hub, launched with the help of a £100,000 grant from Allchurches Trust, is Sheldon’s online extension. It is a collaborative grass-roots resource, a safe and secure digital platform offering mutual support, trustworthy advice and a live directory of people and places to connect with back in the real world.

Sheldon fields [image]
Sheldon hero [image]

“So many people trust us with their stories that Sheldon has a unique window into the darker sides of ministry as well as the joys...

...we see a real appetite for change - a hunger for doing ministry in ways that are sustainable for a lifetime. We can't radically change a culture overnight. But we can form alliances, learn together, and support each other while we practice new habits of being and doing.” Sarah Horsman, Warden of Sheldon