The Canterbury Journey


The Canterbury Journey is a major five-year development of Canterbury Cathedral which will look to conserve and safeguard the building’s heritage as well as enrich the experiences of those who visit.

The developments will transform key areas of the Cathedral’s work, from educational programmes to redeveloping visitor and community spaces.

The project’s education programme encourages people of all ages to take inspiration from the cathedral whilst enabling them to discover and learn through its stunning collections. A loan box scheme sees boxes full of high quality replica objects sent out to schools and community groups, encouraging them to learn from the building’s rich history.

Canterbury backpacks [image]
Canterbury drawing [image]

A new visitor centre is also key to this major project.

Through its free-to-enter viewing gallery, the centre will offer amazing views of the Cathedral and include a space for people to view its world-class collections. Wide-ranging events and activities will also be held in the centre’s community studio, with a focus on encouraging vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups to visit.

Canterbury organ [image]
Canterbury stairs [image]

The Canterbury Journey is offering a great start to the careers of four apprentices – two stonemasons, a carpenter and a leadworker.

The apprenticeships allow the young people to develop specialist skills and self-confidence. They are actively involved in protecting the fabric of the cathedral and are working on special sites representing centuries of architectural and social history.

Allchurches Trust has supported Canterbury Cathedral Trust since the inception of the Canterbury Journey with a grant of £90,000. In addition, Allchurches Trust has recently made a grant of £46,000 towards the Cathedral Organ Project at Canterbury – supporting the critical restoration of the Cathedral’s Great Organ and its surrounding fabric in the 12th century Quire.

Canterbury girls [image]
Canterbury dancing [image]