Mission Apprenticeship Scheme

The Mission Apprenticeship Scheme was created by the Diocese of Birmingham to enable local young people to give back to their communities, whilst learning leadership skills on the job.

The ground-breaking scheme delivers high-quality training on how to become ambassadors of the church in an area local to the apprentices.

Falling numbers in church attendance led to the scheme’s inception in 2011. It has already seen two groups of people benefit and has announced a third thanks to funding from Allchurches Trust.

Participants learn key skills in relationship building, benefit from an excellent fortnightly training programme and are paid a wage to support them during their study.

Ricky Sandiford is taking part in the scheme during 2018. He said, “Words cannot describe how excited I am to be involved in the mission apprentice scheme. This is an amazing opportunity for new church leaders to dip their toe into the calling of ministry, which I personally thought was beyond me.”

The Scheme aims to raise up a new generation of leaders who will grow local churches and expand missional outreach in the community. An emphasis of the scheme is to identify and encourage home-grown talent – people from the parishes in which they will serve. These apprentices are mostly from Birmingham and will be serving in locations that are often areas of deprivation.