Genesis Trust


Making life better for people experience homelessness in Bath.

Genesis Trust began 21 years ago, formalising a regular soup run set up by local churches. The soup run continues 365 nights of the year, operated by 12 different churches on a rota, however, the work of Genesis is now much more extensive with seven paid staff and more than 700 volunteers helping 4,000 people a year.

Genesis man [image]
Genesis men [image]

Among its many projects, Genesis provides a foodbank and lunchtime meals.

The Lifeline project offers drop-in support to Bath’s rough-sleepers and vulnerably-housed adults, its Street Pastors keep people safe and a furniture recycling project provides employment training and furniture for those in need.

Allchurches Trust is helping Genesis reach their fundraising target and bring all their services together in a new home in central Bath.

Genesis man in black [image]
Genesis man carrying [image]