Church of England Funding Partnership

We have an ongoing funding partnership with the Church of England through whose dioceses our grants reach every parish in the country.

Our funding for the Diocese of Winchester has helped a minister in Bournemouth run a Recovery Course for 450 people struggling with addiction. It’s funded another church leader in Southampton to save an old youth centre and set up a Community Mission House where house members live together, work part-time and serve as volunteers at Monty’s, the now-thriving youth and community hub on the Montague Avenue Estate in Sholing.  

Guildford Diocese has used our grant to fund a church community for a major new housing development in Wellesley, Aldershot, and to part-fund a chaplain for the Surrey Police Force.  

Bristol Diocese has invested in clergy leadership development and a homelessness project with Crisis Centre Ministeries.

The Diocese of Leicester has put its Allchurches funding towards One Roof Leicester - support and accommodation in a refurbished parsonage for refugees and asylum seekers.

Zak’s Story

Zak came to Leicester seeking asylum from Ethiopia. He was given housing by the Home Office but when his asylum application was refused, he was evicted. For eight months Zak did not engage with support services which could have helped him to prepare a fresh claim. Instead, he survived by sofa surfing with friends and sleeping on the streets.

When Zak was referred by the Red Cross to the One Roof Night Shelter in December he was undernourished, reserved and uncommunicative and suffering from nightmares due to the extreme trauma he’d experienced in Ethiopia. After a few weeks of having a bed, regular hot meals and friendship from the night shelter volunteers, Zak started to interact more, his nightmares reduced and he decided to re-engage with support services. This led to One Roof Leicester offering him a bed in the former parsonage so that he would have stability whilst preparing a fresh claim. 

Leicester Diocese have also put Allchurches funding towards the St Philip’s Centre and its work encouraging Christian-Muslim, Christian-Jewish and other multi-faith discussions and relations. Events have included inner-city Muslims visiting a rural church and Christians and Sikhs uniting in a joint celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday.

In St Edmundsbury Dioecese in Suffolk, Allchurches Trust funding has helped one local minister to set up a Town Pastors scheme. First of all for Ipswich, the scheme was extended to Leiston and now provides cover at the annual Latitude festival.