A Life in Ministry

How do you know if you are really “called” to life in ministry?

The Church of England’s Ministry Experience Scheme provides year-long placements for 18-30 year-olds in a variety of different parish settings around England and Europe. An Allchurches Trust grant of £585,000 has led to its dramatic expansion. The scheme has now grown from 47 participants in 2015 to an estimated 150 in 2018.  

Not only have numbers for the scheme grown, but they have grown with an equal number of men and women participating.

Nearly one in 10 participants last year were from black or ethnic minorities with this number set to increase to 15% of all participants over the next two years.

Those participating on the schemes will work in a church, cathedral, parish or community setting, learning first-hand what a life in ministry entails. The participants will pursue theological studies tailored to their ability and experience. They will also be coached in leadership skills and self-awareness.

Of the cohorts that started the scheme in 2013 to 2016, 43% went on to attend a Bishop’s Advisor Panel (BAP). Of that number 91% went on to be recommended compared to the national average of 84%.

The schemes also encourage young adults pursuing lay ministry with 21% of the 2016/17 cohort going on to work or train in lay ministry.

 “The CoE Ministry Experience Scheme is a brilliant offer in a world of unpaid internships and poor job prospects. Thanks to our Allchurches Trust funding, it’ll now be even better.” Catherine Nancekievill, Head of Vocations for the Church of England

This is one of the largest grants ever made by Allchurches Trust. We believe that by investing in the brave and inspired young people who embark on the Ministry Experience, it will have one of the largest impacts.

If you would like to find out more about the schemes on offer please visit the Church of England website.